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April 18, 2013, mia77
miami, United States

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FLORIDA CARS USA! If you dont have the resources to obtain an attorney and sue, then DO NOT do business here. My experience was absolutely horrendous because of the unprofessionalism and the deceitful staff. I wanted to purchase a used Jeep, so my boyfriend who was paying a $3,000 downpayment for the car went with me. I wanted to obtain the financing through the dealer, as well. We were at the dealership for a total of 4 hours and was told I was approved for financing from Chase Bank. I signed all paperwork and was happy to leave the lot with a great car and a really great deal. A few days later, Roman said I needed to come back to the dealership because the bank had to do an inspection on the car. I thought that was odd and I couldn't make back there for about a week due to a family emergency. The staff of Florida Cars called my phone about 10 times in one day in a frenzy, stating I needed to sign a few more papers. Irina said she must have left out a few papers for me to sign because it just gets so busy in there. I'm not sure how a few papers could be forgotten, since she does this type of deal everyday. I told her I was getting a bit concerned. She asked me why? I then asked if the financing had fell through because I am now starting to think they pulled a spot delivery on me. Irina said everything was fine and none of the terms were going to be changed. My boyfriend came back to the dealership with me and Irina sat down with the both us. She stated that Chase Bank couldn't finance me..... My boyfriend was LIVID! These snakes lied to me over and over to get me back into the dealership. Irina said "I had to get you back in here with the car." My boyfriend is an investor in businesses all over the world and told her this is not the way he does business. We wanted our money back and they could have their car back. If they would have been up front and honest, we would have considered other options to keep the car. The constant lying for no reason was extremely tiring for us. They said they would mail our $3,000 to my home, but I had to keep calling them to see where our refund was. Irina once again lied and told me the check was in the mail each time I had talked with her. The last conversation I had with her, she said they could only give us $2,000 of it back. My boyfriend and I agreed that was fine because we just wanted to get the refund back. I was still checking my mail and still nothing in my mailbox. My boyfriend contacted Irina and said he was going to sue for the full refund, attorney's fees and punitive damages if they didn't get it to us. I finally received the check for the full $3,000 in the mail today after about a month of the nonsense. Like I said in the beginning of this review, If you don't have the funds to sue these people then DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

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