Shri Dr.Adith ji gave me wrong date,did not respond to y e-mails, did not honor his statement saying he will check it again Internet -
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November 11, 2010, Anonymous
United States

ok so i wanted to know an important date that will happen in my life so i searched online i researched a certain kind of astrology indian astrology that can give you time frames of your life using the day you were born. i wasnt sure if i believed this so i thought i would give it a try i went online and i found i googled this website to see if i could find any complaints and i could not find any online anywhere and his website had a lot of testimonials so i figured he must be ok. i wrote him and asked him questions and he was very nice he says he has been studying this for many years and has helped a lot of people. so i got my date and i was very happy my event would happen in a year. so 6 or 7 months into it i never saw anything but worse things leading away from happening and i thought if this event was going to happen then things would start looking up. so i wrote him and told him. then he said you at least have to wait for that date i gave you before you give up he said i said in the chart you would have obsticles but it would happen so i said ok but the date said it would happen between june4-aug 10. ladies and gentlemen it is now nov 12 nothing happened so i asked what happened he said oh you are supposed to wait even till after the date lol. if im supposed to wait after the date then what is the point of your services. wasnt the point of your buisness to get an event on the date that you gave me. makes no sense. so i asked for a refund he said he does not give refunds. so i read the fine print on his website it did say that there was no refunds but if the event did not happen then he would do it again for free to check but he has not done this. i really hate doing reports like this i would never write bad about someones buisness unless it was not true i waited a year at least he could be nice and check it again.

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