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December 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Dave vonKleist finally left the Power Hour radio show and some people want to know why. It is simple. He and his wife Joyce Riley were finally exposed for the government stooges they are. They could no longer hang on to their ever changing cover story. Eventually, there are just too many lies and there is no way to save the story. So what do they do? They do what is typical with these ops. They have an apparent "fight" and appear to distance themselves from one another, and then they pick up to deceive a different set of people and try to erase history of who they were and what they previously said. You have seen it with the Genesis Network repeatedly as these creeps get exposed, then spin off, name call each other with nothing really to say (usually just about name calling or a bad business situation) and then start all over again to deceive we gullible masses. You saw it with John Stadtmiller who left Genesis, called the then exposed "Hanoi Joyce Riley" a "B----" and then redirected the lie she had been telling, into a new lie that he could keep telling. As long as you do not figure out the truth, they don't care which lie you believe. You see it with Alex Jones, who for years knew who Peter Kawaja was and would not tell the truth about Peter Kawaja's incredible eye-witness account. Then after years of silence, when Alex Jones was confronted on the air about it, he pretended not to know who Peter Kawaja was. Then after Linda Kennedy exposed the ridiculous of Alex Jones not knowing who Peter Kawaja was, Alex Jones the next day changed his story to cover that lie (oh yeah, he admitted he did know who Peter Kawaja was the next day too). Now after the spin off of Hanoi Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist, Alex Jones pretends to not know or like Dave vonKleist or Joyce Riley. . . spin off and distance oneself. That is how these government ops do it. If you want to know why Dave vonKleist and Joyce Riley had to spin off from each other, read and and for sure, read Then once you do that, read You will get a real understanding of who is really running this country. Linda Kennedy is an American hero and an ICON. Her tireless work and effort has not gone unnoticed by many. Peter Kawaja was another American Hero until he was killed for what he knew and reported. We really need to honor these people and quit giving these governmetn ops our time, attention and money.

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