The Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety, Inc. Depression and anxiety Billed ridiculous amount without consent of continuous monthly bills without re - The Midwest Center

The Midwest Center
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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I ordered a one month trial for a depression and anxiety program from the Midwest Center to try it out. I used the product for a few days and decided I did not care for it.

I called to inform them that I did not care to use their product anymore. Six months passed by without any products being mailed to me as promised.

I received a notice in the mail saying I owed them five-hundred and twenty-one dollars. They said they had been trying to contact me regarding this charge and will send it to collections in a few days if I do not contact them about the charge.

I contacted them a few days later do to their limited business hours and paid them the entire amount being afraid they would ruin my credit.

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