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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This company is the biggest scammer I have everseen in the merchant providers, They have been stealling my money from my account over and over ,they claimed that I didnt batch my account .
Before I joined them, there was no Pci compliace, and I was told if they are going to apply it ,they will let anyone of their customers know.
I called them ,They said they already sent a letter which I have never received .
They put me on hold for 25 minutes then someone in the name of
"Amber Riely" who claimed to be the manager of customer service told me we closed your account but there is no refund for $192.5 which they charge me for only(pci-compliance for one year of 2011) I told them that today is december 6th 2010 and I didnt even used a portion of it then she hang up on me !
worst customer service
Top us merchant scammers & thieves !
here is my phone number if you dont believe me 859xxxxxxx
here is my email mailto:
watch out for

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