The Junk Army Sean Beetham The Junk Army... Sean Beetham IS A FRAUD!! PLEASE BEWARE!! Rips off single mothers who lost their home!!! Reston, Virginia - The Junk Army

The Junk Army
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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Sean Beetham from The Junk Army came to my home and made an agreement to haul off junk in my garage, my sectional couch, chairs in the basement and my trampoline. I paid him $325. He knew this needed to be done prior to my short sale of my home. When I came back he took some paint cans and and a TV stand and left a lawn mower and some junk in my driveway n(not my trash but SOMEONE ELSES). He won't answer my calls and I received one email from him stating he would come on Tuesday Nov 23. He never showed up. Since then I have left him voicemails and sent him emails and received no reply. He fully took advantage of a single mom who is trying to have her short sale go through.

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March 22, 2018, JC
Thank you for posting this! I was about to use him and after reading what you wrote, I looked him up on public records and discovered that he has a criminal record in several states. Glad he wasn't at my home or near my family. So scary to think I could have let someone like this in my apartment. Why are these people roaming the streets? They should be locked up.

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