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December 4, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I have ordered a rifle with tgscom and before i did i called and asked if the rifle was new york approved because i know of the rules to get a rifle over the internet. when i was on the phone they said that they will give me a 10 round magazine instead of the 22 round. so of course when my FFL got the rifle a refund was issued and i say it on my email. i was confused why so i called my FFL and what else the rifle came with the 22 round magazine so i cant get it now. then i called tgscom and told them everything and there intelligent response was we dont have anyone that can answer questions about new york approved guns and they also cant send me the rifle with a 10 round mag once they recieve it back. the best part is now i have to pay a 25% restocking fee which comes to 87 dollars so basically i just went on there site did some clicking and emailing and calling just so i can pay them 87 dollars. whatever anyone does do not buy from them they are complete morons and thiefs!!!!!!!!!!

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