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December 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I went to Texas Car and Payday Loan services on the 23rd of Novmember,to make a payment.My loan payment was due on the 25th of Novmember.I was waiting for two to three hours waiting for someone to open the doors,no one came. They were many people waiting to make a payment as well.For lack of consideration of the company,I got my Rodeo repoed.I don't have time to chase them down,for lack of common sense and reponseability of the staff,at that company.MyRodeo got repoed on the 4th of Decemember for stupidity.I want all the staff fired,for lack of common sense,and to d*mned lazy to get off their a**,and open the doors. Their holiday hours didn't start until the 24th of Novmember. There is no reason why my Rodeo got repoed.

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