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Jeromes El Cajon
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January 23, 2013, Sttomas
El Cajon, United States

I need to complain about the terrible service received after we purchased a bed from Jeromes in El Cajon. Within six month our bed slats broke which sent the corner of our bed crashing to the floor. I called Jeromes, they were nice and scheduled a repair for a week later on a Saturday. Saturday came, with no repair person. I called Jeromes and they let me know that someone decided a repair could not be made and they would have to do a new bed reselection, with no call to me the customer. So there went that wasted Saturday waiting for the repair man. Then I conveniently found out my bed had been discontinued, and even better, there is now no bed at that same price. So they let me know that I will have to pay the difference, on a bed that I did not want, after our previous purchase BROKE. I was upset that they could not comp the difference and asked to speak with a manager. I’ve called about 4 times, because every time a manager ‘is not available’ and am told she (Martha) will give me a call back. Well, after begging to please have someone respond, and hearing “I promise someone will call you back,” I am still sleeping on the floor in the frame of my broken bed, that Jeromes will not repair under there one year warranty, will not replace without making me pay more, and will NOT refund my money. We saved up, what we feel, was a good amount of money to buy a brand new bed from Jeromes and customer service made us feel like we didn’t spend very much, so we aren’t worth the effort.

The salesmen was great when we were handing over the cash, and we loved the new bed. Apparently Jeromes does not feel the need to continue the customer service once their product is defective (I’m assuming this is why they discontinued the model??).

Thanks for nothing,
The customer still sleeping on the floor

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