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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Their templates are nice but I needed them to make two simple modifications. I paid an extra 120 for these modifications. They said it would be done in a week. After a week I emailed and asked what the status was. They told me they would need an extra 100 dollars to complete the first task. I refused and after lengthy email exchanges they finally agreed to do it. They sent me the project and never did the second modification. I had to email. A week later they sent me something back that was completely wrong. I had to go back and forth with them for two months. It was a comedy of errors with these people as their mistakes were almost comical. They never contacted me and I always had to fight to get into contact with them. At one point the project manager admitted he didn't know much about programming and he was trying to get help from someone else in the department. That help never came and they were never able to get my modification done.

A couple nights ago I had a friend over and I showed him the template. It took him approximately 10 minutes to do what Template Tuning could not do in two months. I asked template tuning for a refund of 80 dollars for the work they were not able to complete. At that point the person working on the project Edward Henderson, claimed he finished the work and I was lying. He says that directly to me, even though he and I both know that he never could do it. In other cultures it is acceptable to lie to people's faces when it comes to business. This company is based out of Brooklyn, but they can barely speak English so I am guessing the work is taking place somewhere else. No managers are available to help you with your complaints. Once again the templates are nice, but they are not worth the hassle if you need any modifications done.

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