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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

We contacted Jim Rojas to unlock our DSC PC1555 control board in early August. He helped me nicely on phone but it didn't work out. So we sent our board to his address with payment. The check was cashed very quickly. His website says ?Normal turnaround time is 5-10 business days'. But after two weeks, he said he hadn't worked it and wound work on it soon. Then we waited and asked again and again once a few weeks. Each time he said he would work on it and we would get it very soon. Eventually, in early November, he told me our board can not be unlocked for some reason and he could send us a replacement board. It sounds very nice to us. But after a week, he said he still had not sent it out and would ship it in 1-2 days and emailed me with a tracking number. Another two weeks passed, we still haven't received either the board or the tracking number. Now he never picks up our phone call any more. We left several voice messages, sent several emails but NO reply at all. Now it is almost 4 months since we shipped my board to him. I think any customer will lose his patience by waiting so much longer than the 5-10 business days as he promised. We are very frustrated by his service and regret to send the board to him.

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