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November 11, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I had a $10 coupon from a mailer and decided to try Target's pharmacy because of the coupon. What a HUGE mistake! First, I called to have my prescription transferred and wasn't told that my prescription would be delayed in getting filled due to having to complete a form when I arrived. I was in a hurry. I complained about this to the pharmacist and he defended himself and told me that he did tell me that over the phone. What he told me over the phone was that I'd have to fill out a brief form when I came in but not that it would delay my prescription from getting filled. The pharmacist was VERY rude to me when I voiced the fact that I was disappointed because I was in a hurry. It took a while for the prescription to be filled and I had to wait. I shopped a bit to use my $10 coupon that night since I had to wait anyway. I checked out and came home. When I took my bottle out of the prescription bag (it was stapled inside of the bag) I saw that the bottle looked almost empty. It looked SO empty that I counted the pills. The prescription says on the bottle that it is supposed to have 75 pills but the numbers of pills in the bottle was only 37!!!! My co-pay is $20 and on top of that my insurance won't let me refill my prescription again until the next month. I'm supposed to take 2 pills a day and my doctor has given me extra pills on top of the regular 2 per day for when I'm on my menstrual cycle so my prescription is 75 pills. I will not have enough pills to get me through this month now with only 37 pills and this is medication I HAVE TO TAKE! It is very dangerous NOT to take it for me. I called Target at 7:20pm and asked for a manager. Her name is Amy. She informed me that the pharmacist had left for the night and that it was closed until 9am the next day and that there was nothing she could do for me. I need to take my meds TONIGHT! I can't take my meds because that would indicate that I accept the prescription! I asked if I could just return it tonight and Amy told me it could not happen. I would have to wait until 9am tomorrow even though I have to take my meds TONIGHT. Amy did state she understood but she would not give me any indication that my problem would be fixed. How do I know that they won't accuse me of taking the missing pills from the bottle???? I am scared and frustrated. I cannot believe I am having to go through all this! Lesson learned. If a pharmacy is giving away money to get customers it's because they can't keep customers! They are desperate! They give you $10 to be their customer. That should be your first clue. Buyer beware.

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