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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I started working for this company in September. It was great until today. I have been really sick so everything I talk for long period of time I start hacking like crazy. I filled out my schedule on Friday and started working Saturday. One call but the guy said that he didn't like my voice. Still a little sick. Anyway I was suppose to get paid last week but I didn't send in my information for netspend which I did on Thursday. Well guess what still no pay so I sign on today. Two guys were on but no calls and towards my time off I IM Scott aka studly and he started to attack me like crazy. Wanting to know why I wasn't working hard enough. How can you work this business sick. Was he crazy. Anyway he said I would get paid this week but he still kept attacking me even after I told him that I was going to quit. He even asked me why I was still there. This man is crazy and needs to take some kind of medication to calm himself down. Anyway I logged off and that quickly he terminated me. He even sent me a email stating that he was terminating my contact and I would not get paid til Dec. 31. Do not work for this company. The chat rooms are a joke. Many men will just go on and chat and jerk off. Where do you get paid. Unbelievable. They are cons. I hope that they are prepare because I am calling the IRS.

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