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November 4, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I live on the Island of Hawaii and first learned of " The Heartfield Approach " and Talking Hearts from their website. After speaking with Tomas I traveled to Maui to participate in one of their " Opening to Love Ceremonies "

After participating in this ceremony Tomas suggested, since I was single that perhaps I would be interested in what he called at the time " Heartfield Introductions ", " Quality Introductions for Quality Singles ". For a very steep price of more than a $1000.00 per year.

Tomas assured me he had many quality ladies he would introduce me to, and showed me video interviews of more than a dozen women. But when it came right down to it he only introduced me to three ladies and I only had a chance to meet with two of them, the third was not a bit interested in meeting with me. Way to small of numbers to find someone compatible.

Upon speaking with one of the ladies, Michelle, whom I had meet with only once I had told her of my concerns that Tomas could not deliver what he had promised, " several introductions " over the course of a year. She told me she had the same concerns and had asked him for a refund.

When I asked for a refund of my money he refused and hinted to the fact it was all my fault and that what I paid was a fair price and he would not refund any money!

It is my experience that the " Heartfield Approach " is to charge as much money as they can and deliver a product with little or no value for my money.

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