sweet spot consulant clean sweep capital city holding Beware of this man and everyone involved with him raleigh, North Carolina - sweet spot consulant

sweet spot consulant
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November 16, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Elphen Taylor makes me sick to my stomach, you cannot trust anyone, just because opha winfrey thought he was a child prodigy, we in the investment community know him as a smooth talking, conviving,lying, bible toting snake. i tell you if he can fool the big shot on tv to believing in him and his methods, us poor comsumers haven't got a chance when we hear his rag to riches lies and how he can help us become wealthy. its not his fault we beleived him but it is his fault when he solicits funds claiming hugh returns or refunds and then taking the money and run. Now i understand he has quit his post as CEO of city capital holding, again he as taken the money and ran. but as the old saying, you can run but you cannot hide. he as become to famous to hide now. i can assure you that sometime in the future we will here about mr. taylor. it just not enough holes for him to climb in. if people keep spreading the word about his evil practices, we will expose him to the world. one thing about the internet it can work for you and it can work against you. hello Mr. Taylor

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