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Sutton Music Group
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November 23, 2010, Anonymous
United States

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THE MUSIC GROUP OR ROBERT SUTTON, THIS IS A SCAM AND IN MY OPINION HE IS A LIAR, A CROOK AND A CON-ARTIST. Robert Sutton contacted us and we sent him $1000 and 180 CD's for him to get us on 150 radio stations. He did not fulfill his end of the agreement and breached his contract. When he finally did emailed us some info (after numerous emails requesting info) about what was going on he sent a list of 150 radio stations with all bur a few confirmed stations playing our music. We constantly had to email him in order to get any info. I finally started calling radio stations to try and get the info (he was supposed to send) myself. I found out that no one had our CD's, no one was playing our music, and NO ONE HAD EVER HEARD OF ROBERT SUTTON or SUTTON MUSIC GROUP! Do Not Attempt To Do Any Business With This Individual As You More Than Likely Will Come Out Of It With Only The Loss Of Money!!!

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