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November 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I attempted to enroll in this college in the latter part of 2009, and I had medical issues and could not participate in the online classes. I was advised by the student counselor /advisor to contact the professors first to let them know that i was delayed due to my books not being received and the second issue was i did not receive my books to start the course. After, i accessed the program to get the information to inform the professors I was then told by the financial advisor that it would take about a week to get my books and a week had already passed. Another person advised that i should drop the class, and i requested to drop the class and then was told i maybe charged because i accessed the class. I was floored, i advised the person I was talking to that they the student advisor, advised me to and i could show them via e-mail. they advised dont worry about it and I didnt. I then received a letter in the mail telling me I owe $500 or more dollars for classes I did not take and books I did not receive. After a week of getting the letter, i then received a collection notice. I never received anything from this company and I attempted for months to resolve the issue and no one called me back. No one. They are very forceful when trying to get you to enroll but they are very callous when you need them to help resolve a financial issue. I believe it is unfair and unjust to charge people for classes or books when neither was taken or received. I will fight until i can not fight anylonger to have this issue resolved

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