Stratford Career Institute Stratford Career Institute are scammers, liars, and should be stopped. They tell you what you want to hear so you'll joi - Stratford Career Institute

Stratford Career Institute
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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Stratford Career Institute are scammers, I called them back in 08 about one of their studies. I wanted more info and needed to be sure that if it wasn't right for me that I could cancel no questions ask. I was assured that if needed all I had to do was call and speak to one of the student reps and tell them the situation and all I needed to do was pay for what text books I got at the time.

That's where all the lies start. I called them in that same month and had to stop the course do to me losing my job and no longer able to make the monthly payments. In that time I only got 4text books from them, which half the time they where late sending them and I got two of the same books. I had already paid for what text book I got I made a payment of $194.00 already. I was told by the student rep that my account was clear and that they would make note of it that I had to stop the course due to me losing my job. Weeks later I get a bill in the mail for the rest of the course, I called yet again and was then told that I was given the wrong info and that even though I am not completing the course I still had to pay for it. And That I should have read my student hand book, Well hello the student hand book wasn't sent to me until after I made my first payment. Now I am getting treatening calls from them and they put this on my credit. I turned them into the BBB and they are trying to lie yet again saying I never contacted them on my situation. I was mislead by them not once, not twice but three times now. They are telling people lies, they don't stand by what they say or offer. And come to find out they are not even an accredited school. Alot of people are being ripped of by them, me being one. I am not going to pay for a course that I didn't complete and is not accredited for one. They are are a ripoff, Please stop them

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