Stephen hill V.P of b.e.t MAN TRYING TO SCAM GIRLS FOR MONEY las vegas, Nevada Nationwide - Stephen hill

Stephen hill
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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

A man claiming to be stephen hill the V.P of b.e.t called and text messaged me today. He said he was looking to recruit girls for the next be.t rip the runway show. I know this is a scam because when I googled his number and scam someone else said the same thing. He is nationwide and scams from the east to the west coast. he currently has a miami area code but I doubt thats where he is right now. I started asking him if he could provide referances or an email address(professional questions) he stopped replying. I know if he was serious about hiring me as a model he shouldnt have had a problem verifying who he was for me. Also I doubt the real stephen hill would even do the recruiting part as I am sure he has people to do that for him. I believe in anything that comes to me and soounds too good to be true mostly is....unless I have proof which he did not provide.

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