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November 20, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I haven't been with StarReviews for a month before I got scammed from them. The deal was that I was supposed to write 7 long and short reviews for a total of $245. I did them and turned them in on the 15th (which btw were due before the 16th as that's when the payroll cut off date is). JoAnn, the editor, wanted them edited, which was fine so I edited them and sent them back. She took FOUR out of the seven articles and posted them on StarReviews. Four days later, I ask about why I was not paid for them and her excuse was that I'm only paid for the final assignments. The final assignments were already turned in on the 15th and she posted them up on the 16th. So I go to Arthur to explain the situation and he said he'd pay me $100 for the four articles posted. Two hours later, he retracted his wording and told me I wouldn't be paid for the articles and that they would be removed. Well, JoAnn decided to get cruel and sent me a picture via email SHOWING me that the articles were still posted up on the site. I am writing this report warning people of StarReviews and their "scammish" behavior. They are notorious for sending late payments and even no payments from what's been written about them on the forums around the internet. Also, Arthur Frischman is the owner of the rogue software, PC Security Shield. Just look it up with "scams" beside it on Google and you'll read all the reviews people have made about the crappy product and not receiving their refunds.

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