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December 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States offered a service and a product and has done nothing but take money from my credit card... of which I had to discontinue because of their repeated attempts to take more money from me. There is no method provided in which one can cancel the service and no response to repeated requests for them to stop charging my card. I have not received ANYTHING from except charges on my credit card. They was supposed to send a free postage meter... never came. I was provided a confirmation link for the supposed shipment... yet the link shows a delivery confirmation in Valenci, California... i live in Maryland. I would love to get my money back from them... yet I am unable to contact them... because their email will not allow me to reply (ie. <>) Even with the discontinued credit card... I still get menacing emails from them saying 'There is a problem with [my] service payment" has done nothing but take money from me... I have not received any products or services from them... I have been RIPPED off royally.

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