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Kraemer Law in Panama City, Panama
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May 19, 2018, realvisitiontv
Panama City, Florida, Panama

I was a client of Kraemer Law who had assisted me with the Panama residency application and they offer a solid offering with a good value proposition relative to its competitors. It's good value although expect what you pay and you'll find plenty of positive reviews about Marcos Kraemer as he's a great guy and will work in your best interest although there's a big problem for you as a residency applicant of his as revealed below. 

A BIG WARNING with dealings with the law firm's on-ground assistant named "Kristian" (Spanish nickname from the other legal assistants from the bigger law firms at the Panamanian Migration Office is "Chiriquí", which also is a city in Panama). It's possible because he's a "Snake" and deliberately working against you like how a mortgage deliberately attempts to fraudulently increase your loan size to achieve their targets. 

(1) He claims to work for you although he's wasting your time on the ground at the migration office. More specifically, when you're on the ground, he would get a few tickets for the long queue to talk to a migration offices and submit your documents even if you're the only client he's serving that day. In the meantime, he is actually spending his time their trading tickets to the bigger law firms to supplement his primary income/ earn status within the community (The bigger law firms have associates with polo shirts with their logos on them). As a result, what would ordinarily take 1 hour at the migration office ends up taking 4 hours as a Kraemer Law Client. 

This was specifically evident in my case with my ticket "E223" having been traded with a 'Quijano & Associates' rep for "T151" and Kristian has no shame having done it in front of me also. The main reason I am writing this review is it pisses me so much because after waiting 2 hours at the Panamanian Migration Office and being next in queue to be served, Kristian swapped this ticket for one that would be served much later being 1.5 hours later. Why would someone do this? Obviously, he's cashing it on the side. 

(2) NEVER entrust your money with 'Kristian' even if Marcos Kraemer does - 'Kristian' is not a lawyer ("abogado") and does not represent the principles of one where a lawyer would hold money on trust for their clients. As a Kraemer Law client applying for the Panamanian residency, you will be required to give 'Kristian' USD in cash to pay for ongoing expenses to the Migration Office and this applies to other law firm clients also. In my particular case, I had given money to Kristian on trust for the payment for the 'Residente Permanente' Card issued by the 'Ministerio De Seguirdad Publica Servicio Nacional De Migracion' and in my case, I have given him an amount over the actual cost. When I questioned him afterwards, he stated that I had given him just the amount for the Permanent Residency Card i.e. he pocketed the difference being 100 USD. Remember, the average person in Panama earns ~200 USD per week. This is big money for the little guy and consider yourself having earned 2.5 days of your local income by ripping off one of your clients - you can see why he would do this.

If you decide to go with Kraemer Law, ask plenty and plenty of questions about who you're dealing with on the ground otherwise, it could mean that the total cost in USD and time could be far greater than what you anticipated if you were to choose a premier law firm in Panama City like Quijano & Associates, Molina & Co. or Mata & Pitti. Do your research first.

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