SRI2020 Tried to scam money for upfront fees to secure a loan Hong Kong, Internet - SRI2020

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November 11, 2010, Anonymous
United States

DR. Greg Stewart don't know if that is his real name but the name he uses rents hotel space under memberships offereed in 4 & 5 star hotels. He pursuades clients to fly and meet him with promises of being able to secure loans for projects. When you leave he sends an email that says he wants to do business with you, all you have to do is send him $12,500 for due diligence. He provides you with phony addresses for his business address telling you because he handles so much money he has to do this in secret and cannot give you his actual location. When you respond and ask him for further clarification and verification of who he is, where he got is degree to be able to use the saluation of Dr. he quickly contacts you and tells you he is no longer interested in doing the deal. In this case he took his website down the same day and reemerged with a new email address and website but with the same look as the first. Don't be scammed by this guy...Can you imagine if he got 3 people a month to give him $12,500 or more he would be earning $30-50,000 plus with no guarantee of ever funding his promised loans.

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