Sprint/Nextel SIX DAYS OF SERVICE FOR $68.44 - WHAT A BARGAIN! London, Kentucky - Sprint/Nextel

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November 11, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I Became a customer of Sprint/Nextel approximately 8 years ago. I Switched to At&t on 9/23/2010 and canceled service with Sprint/Nextel on the same day. My Sprint/Nextel billing period began on 09/18/2010 & ended on 10/17/2010.

Sprint/Nextel charged me $68.44 for six days of service, (09/18 to 09/23); normal bill was approximately $98. I contacted Sprint/Nextel after receiving the bill and advised the customer service representative that it was inconceivable to me that I was charged $68.44 for only six days of service. The CSR advised me that it was in the terms and conditions. I advised the CSR that I was no longer under contract and had never seen the terms and conditions she was referring to. When I asked the CSR if she was offered a proposal to pay $68.44 for six days of service would she think it was a fair deal; she answered no.

After speaking with the CSR I spoke with her supervisor, Daren, and then his supervisor, JJ, a few days later. I was advised multiple times that they couldn't adjust the bill because it was in the terms and conditions. All three Sprint/Nextel employees were unable to assist me with locating the terms and conditions that they were referring to; and I have yet to discover these overused words on my bill or the company web site.

I sent my $68.44 to Sprint/Nextel because I will not give them the satisfaction of negatively impacting my credit history. Consumers are at the mercy of these Giant corporations because if we refuse to submit payment for the amount they establish as due they will write it off and contact the credit reporting agencies; I guess you can call it a part of doing business. My intention and goal is to make others aware that they should expect to receive a large bill for a short period of service after canceling their cellular service with Sprint/Nextel.

Sprint/Nextel will never have the opportunity again to take unjustifiable money from my pocket. With this form of business practice, mundane service and competition I'm not sure the company will continue long enough to seek the opportunity.

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