South Valley Auto Group Inc. D.B.A. as AAMCO AAMCO Transmissions They got me for the $550 GUESSTIMATE. Ahwatukee / Chandler, Arizona - South Valley Auto

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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

They got me for the $550 GUESSTIMATE. I checked the Better Business Bureau rating on these people too late. 18 complaints have been filed against this group of AAMCO dealerships in the Phoenix, Arizona area during last 36 months. Six of these complaints were not even given the courtesy of a response. This outfit has an F rating by the Better Business Bureau. The previous owner John Lindsay Sr had recently died but this has not changed, in my opinion, unethical and confusing business practices.
After dropping the pan from my transmission I was informed that the fluid was burnt and there are metal shavings on the magnet. They then informed me they need to pull the transmission out so they can find out what is "really wrong" and I quote" We don't have x-ray eyes around here" I agreed to pay $550 so that I would find out the cost of necessary replacement parts and how much additional labor was needed. I did approve transmission removal and inspection. After finding their extremely poor BBB business rating and receiving a verbal quote for $2351.95, I told them to stop all work. South Valley Auto Group Inc.( AAMCO ) provided me with an invoice that stated $1634.34 was necessary to provide "Reconditioned Service. Hard Parts and Other Components if necessary are Additional Cost. I opted not to accept this open-ended service recommendation with the base fee of over $1600. I find it unacceptable that for a charge of $550 which includes the cost of "Disassembly and Examination of the Transmission I was not told the cost of replacement parts. I agree no one has x-ray eyes but when you pay to have a transmission disassembled and sitting on a table for inspection a principled SAE certified transmission mechanic could tell me what parts were needed. If you want a GUESSTIMATE for $550 and want to sign an open-ended service agreement... the South Valley Auto Group Inc.of AAMCO dealerships is the place for you. They are doing business as usual.

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