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November 22, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Sherry lee young, fnp is my sister, she recently fired me and kicked me
out of a house that I helped pay for but only has her name on it. She
has been receiving all of my pay checks since I moved out her in 1989
and that is why I say I helped pay for this house. She recently fired me
b/c of my current choices in girlfriends (she didn't like her). I
helped her build her business by running her around in my car until that
car was no longer running, she then went out and bought new armada for
(at the time she said me and our mother) but when she took away the
truck I was driving she said it was never mine but was bought to allow
me to drive her around. I was employed by her in said business well over
full time but only received 287.81 dollars a month as a pay check.
working from 12 noon up to 5pm or longer on many days. she listed my pay
at 10/hour but seeing as how this was my sister and a supposed family
business as she kept calling it I never saw anything wrong. even after
she fired me and I filed for unemployment I still kept working for her
as a volunteer because I loved my family. apparently my family only
loves money because she stopped paying me, yells at me and has kept all
my personal beloingings leaving me penniless and homeless. I filed
unemployment only to be told because I made so little working for her
(as a tax write off for her business because she could use my pay as a
write off and since I was making so little she could then claim me on
her taxes as a dependent) she then just laughed because she's a hateful,
selfish person. Her business is in glendale az. 8607 north 59th ave
suite c-3. She always said I was a part of the business and it wasn't
her company it was our company....i guess the only part of the company I
was a part of was the part that got flushed when she saw fit. She's a
good NP but she has a sh*tty personality, very hateful, and yet she
wonders why people have turned her into the board of nursing. Yes
someone has filed a complaint against the business but it was unfounded.
I'm just tired of being sh*t on by this person whom I did nothing but
love just because I chose someone to love that she didn't like.

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