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December 9, 2014, Michael
New Milford, United States

Krystol Cameron, also know as Kyrs, and his company SimplyME TV Distribution scammed our company out of $500.00 for promising television broadcast distribution services to Dish Network (Video on Demand). We have seen reports of others getting scammed for similar amounts ranging from $400 to $500. They also promise distribution acquisitions over other broadcast network platforms such as Verizon Fios, Comcast, NBC, Time Warner, Roku, Direct TV, etc. and have been known of asking for $3,500 a month and up. Krystol Cameron, as stated in other reports found online, promises to return the money when caught but never does. We have gave him several deadlines to refund the money and all were missed. If anyone else have been scammed by Krystol Cameron or any other representatives of SimplyME TV Distribution, please report them to the proper agencies not matter the amount of money scammed. They claim to value their reputation but obviously they don't because they fail to refund the money when services are not rendered.

Complaint comments:

April 30, 2015, renne
I have done business with this company for several years and have always found them to be above board and truly concerned about their customers. SimplyMe not only engages in philanthropy, but also community service and they are always helping aspiring entrepreneurs. Their services have always been delivered as promised and there are many companies and people who are very satisfied with them. It is unfortunate to see someone apparently disgruntled by personal failure attempting to smear the good name of a truly wonderful company. The complainant should be sued both by Mr. Cameron and SimplyME for libel!
December 16, 2014, mcandw_com

I would be interested in helping you recover some of your losses. I work on a contingency basis so if I'm unable to return money to you, there is no fee or charges, it's FREE. Contact me at the office @ 302-724-6001 x1010 so we can talk about it more.

Matt Ortiz
Merrick, Costello & Walsh
302-724-6001 x1010

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