with the stroke of a key i found myself robbed of 179.00dollars Internet -
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November 13, 2010, Anonymous
United States

i Iam a first time owner of computer excited and enjoying my new found freedom. I was surfing and stumble on to filled out the sign up info thinking I would be able to browse credit card#given incase I wished to bid. No terms or agreements come up but with the srtoke of akey they robbed me of 179.00 I instantly hit there 24/7help line only to find out they were no help at all .Theydid give me a phone # 1866 451 6961 which I called first thing in the morning only to be dismissed.Iasked why is it that I can return almost anything if I am not satisfied with the service or product but I cant get my money back on on a service I didnt know I was purchasing. This has been a learning curb for me never never give your creditcard unless you are absolutly sure.

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