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November 22, 2010, Anonymous
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The purpose of this report is simply to warn people about a company promoting a Motivational Seminar called Seize The Day where big name speakers like Bill O'Reilly, Sarah Palin, Laura Bush, Terry Bradshaw, Ben Stein, John Maxwell, Tom Hawkins, Les Brown, and of course Phil Town.

The name of the company appears to be Seize The Day however it appears to be misleading at best. Why these big name speakers will put their name, and thereby their endorsement, of this company is somewhat beyond my comprehension. I have to assume they are paid very well for appearing. They provide some excellent information for the most part and are motivational speakers certainly. Many of them I admire otherwise.

What this really boils down to is another company named Better Trades promoting, with the help of Phil Town, a Trading School, and another speaker, Tran Merrill, promoting a Real Estate Business process.

Phil Town used to be associated with Invest Tools who was bought out by Ameritrade whom I was told wouldn't let him say that Mutual Fund Investing was not a good strategy. There after some process occurred that Phil left and has started up a new process called Rule 1 Investing with a school called Rule1U or better know as "Rule 1 University."

Whether what he is promoting is good or bad I don't know but I have my suspicions because of the association with Better Trades. Better Trades has numerous reports here on RIPOFFREPORT.COM.

I had attended a mini-seminar of theirs several years back and was not impressed as it appeared to be about the same as several others I had seen. Basically them promoting a system using a chart with a couple of moving averages and a couple of indicators that generated a thumbs up or arrow up or thumbs down or arrow down depending on the market conditions. The same basic thing that Invest Tools, Whitney's Teach Me To Trade & Startrader had.

After attending their recent two day seminar/sales pitch in Norcross, where the home of Rule 1 U supposedly is, I found out some interesting information. One being somebody there said that Better Trades was located in the same building, however when I inquired further I was told they really were not there and only taught classes there sometimes. It was very much like they were hiding something and I didn't push it. After the two day seminar I got two emails that were basically the same but one has The Rule 1u Team and the other Better Trades Team. So in kind of putting two and two together it appears they have to be tied together.

The whole point being to read the reports about Better Trades so you might have a clue about what to expect, if indeed they are one and the same, and you enroll in the classes. Getting them to admit that will probably be very difficult. What really makes me skeptical is the fact that last summer Better Trades was overboard trying to get me to come to their 2 hr. presentation, which I was going to do, but time didn't work out. I had wanted to see what they were saying today as versus several years ago.

Rule 1 u has different packages to purchase training beginning with the Apprentice at $4,995 which they claim is a $10,000 value and the top being their Scholar package at $24,995 which they claim is worth $50,000. I have looked at most of the schools out there today and all have similar pricing but some have lifetime retakes of the classes for the same price as these so check it out.

Rule 1 u has a tool named the Town Toolbox which appears to be useful but not having used it myself I don't know. It can be used as a stand alone tool with the proper data feed for it which is part of what Better Trades has to be promoting under some guise. There are two other tools to use for this system/method called Real Time Markets & Extreme Charts but the only way you can use them is to go through their very expensive training classes.

Bottom line is to check out all the trading schools including Better Trades, Rule 1 U, Teach Me To Trade & Star Trader, and On-Line Trading Academy which is the largest by far. Some of the schools offer lifetime retakes for their programs, others varying like Rule 1u does.

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