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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

On 8-22-10 I was driving down the freeway and started having major problems with my vision blurring. I drove myself to Scripps Mercy Hospital and went to the emergency room and asked to be seen. I filled out some forms and then I had my blood pressure and temperature taken. I was taken to a back room and was told the doctor would be right in. After waiting for over an hour no doctor showed up. Also, the man in the room with me said he had been waiting for 3 hours and still had not seen a doctor...he was in worse shape than I was! My vision started clearing on it's own and I decided to leave. There were no personnel anywhere to be found so I just left.

Two months later I now receive a bill from the hospital for $157.17! I called and asked why and was told that was charges for having my "vitals" taken. I told her I never asked to have my vitals taken and that this charge was unjustified. She said I would have to pay the bill. How can hospitals get by with ripping off the public like this? I will be disputing the bill in writing.

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