Scam - Sweet Paula's Pods

Sweet Paula's Pods
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February 1, 2018, AntSant
South Lake Tahoe, California, United States

Paula strikes again, she got me for $60 but I wasn't successful for my first order. She says COD dosnt work because that would require her to actually send it before getting paid. She must have intended to rip me off from the get go. Interestingly I checked the status of my credit card and it gave a phone number for the merchant which I promptly called, a women answered. As soon as I started to explain the scenario she insisted on cutting me of saying "it's not my business, it's not my business". It took several minutes to explain to her that her number is on my credit card statement as a contact number for Paula. I explained to her that I intent on notifying my local law enforcement and file a report, and there may be a chance that they will either call or cone to her home to investigate how her residential number is associated with a documented scam company. In the women's defense she could be a victim of sorts, she did say that it was a Skype phone number. But if I wanted to defraud someone I would use what I could to disguise myself electronically. Will be recind my credit card payment and file with BBB and anywhere else I can.

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