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LimeTree Technologies Ltd
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March 13, 2013, Davidpower
London, United Kingdom

I paid approx 6000 GBP in total to a webdesign firm in London

called LimeTree Technologies Ltd ( for creating a custom application using

software such as FLEX, JAVA, HTML4 and PHP.

People from London are generally nice and fair when it comes to

understanding. However there are some that are just greedy and

selfish minded like the CEO of this company who is called

I thought I could save some money in the longrun

take up his exciting offer. He approached me via a online
bidding website where lots of companies bid to take on projects.
However, this experience turned out to be a nightmare of not only poor service but also not being sent anything in return for my money.

Malcolm Graham stole my money and offered a very poor service
but so did his staff (Ian Oh - Developer) and (Mike Lee - Supervisor)

Not only did they offer a very poor service but they gave
me nothing for my money.

The person who stole the money to was:

Crown House
72 Hammersmith Road
London W14 8TH
Phone: 0207 533 6630
Fax: 0207 533 6631

If you are seeking web development, web design, applications etc.

I warn you now, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

You´ll be left with nothing!

Complaint comments:

May 25, 2016, simon123
Unfortunately I worked for Malcolm and can only agree with these comments. He is not an honest man and I still cannot believe how he would treat customers and rip people off. He didnt pay 5 of his staff for months, yet bought himself a brand new BMW and goes on lavish holidays.

AVOID this man at all costs. I am genuine and you can contact any ex staff and find out these comments are true. Dont spend a penny with this extremely dishonest con man.
March 25, 2013, Mark_33_Rothschild
I'm a well established business man from Germany and was
doing some business in London. I paid LimeTree Technologies Ltd
for various online marketing tasks. They failed to meet deadlines
and did not complete the brief to my satisfaction.

Be warned that Malcolm Graham's LimeTree Technologies Ltd
company is not well established. He has already got off to a bad
start and I can't see his company being successful in the future.
March 19, 2013, Robert_Lewis
I have also had similar problems with this company. I think the CEO Malcolm Graham exploits his customers and his staff. He lies about the amount of staff he has and he does not complete work to deadlines.
His team is so small that nothing gets completed. I never saw a single
proof from this company. My experience was even worse.

I wouldn't go with this company again.

I also got ripped off and did not receive anything after paying
LimeTree Technologies Ltd, upfront.

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