Sanders Legal Group They stated I owed money for a payday loan from 2009, but refused to give me any information unitl I gave them my credit card inf - Sanders Legal Group

Sanders Legal Group
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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I got a call from this company stating were collectors for some payday loan company. They said I took out a loan in 2009 and never paid it back. I asked for proof that I owed the loan and they refused to give me any information until I gave them my credit card information. I was stupid enough to do this for a 50 payment, but realized it was a scam before I faxed a notorized letter stating they could charge my card monthy. When I called to verify the fax number for the letter, Sanders Legal Group told me I already had that information. I then said I lost the fax number can you give it to me again, they go you have to call the debt collectors for that information. I asked can you give me the number for the collectors office and was then told that they only commuicate via fax. Needless to say after hearing this, I refused to sent a fax giving them permission to run my card and then called the orginal phone number that was given from the collectors office and told them I knew it was a scam and that they had been reported to the local authorities.

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