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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

In December 2007 I traded in my $3,400 wedding ring to upgrade to a larger solitaire. When purchasing the loose diamond we questioned the clarity of the diamond and was told what a quality diamond it was and even had the card to show it had been appraised at $11.300. With the trade-in of my ring and another $6,000 (apprx) we were told they were giving us a great deal.

I recently went to have jewelery appraised and was told by SIX different people that looked at my diamond, that it is an I3 clarity and worth about $2,000. When I would show them the certification card , which states it is an I1, they said it had to be a mistake and urged me to take it back where I bought it. Each person said that any reputable and experienced jewelry store would be able to see that the diamond is low quality and want to make it right.

The store district manager came to town and met with us. After looking at the diamond and making a phone call to corporate, he convinced us to send it to them because the person there wanted to see it for themself. We offered to fly down to the corporate office and take it ourselves so we could get it taken care of, but of course they did not want us to do that. Now, they are telling us that they sent it to another lab to be appraised and it came back worth more than the orginial certification of $11,300.

I have been a loyal customer of Samuels for 10 years. Even through diamonds falling out of rings, watches falling apart, special order rings taking months and coming back wrong, I have stuck with them. $$$$DO NOT SHOP SAMUELS OR YOU WILL REGRET IT $$$$

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