sams club 8141 i was dicriminated due to a on job back injuryed n the voluntary put down i quit when i didnt when the doctor have me off of work duty - sams club 8141

sams club 8141
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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

am carlos i work for sams club for 8 years dedicated worker i had a back injury in 10-21-08 i was mistreated at work due to my injiry mentally n physically i was denied for uneployment and proper treatment by workers comp they went agaisnt my primary doctor that i was told if i dont get the proper treatment i will end up in a wheelchair in later in the future they voluntary put down i quit when i never did n never sign anything stating i quit for sams club at 8141 in melbourne i been baker ract and suffer of severe depression n pain constantly they force me to settle for crap even when i had mri saying and showing i had buldge dics in my back about six in total i wish justice get served agaisnt these corp that push workers so hard to the breaking point when beening short handed n thte mental abuse n threats the give u i took pride in my job and never imagine i was goin to be treated this way like a animal a none humane way i hope someone take notice am not the first employee who has suffer over this company .....

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