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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I purchased a Russ singing penguin toy advertising their partnership with the International Star Registry. Purchase of the singing toy (a penguin) included a code where you could name a star. I thought the reciever of my gift would enjoy this. The website , where one is supposed to go to redeem this service, has been telling me for months to check back later. I emailed Russ and this was their response: Dear Ryan, Thank you for contacting Russ Berrie. I apologize to you for the Shining
Star site being unavailable at this time. The site is undergoing
construction. Unfortunately we do not have the exact date it will be up and
running again, but hopefully it will be soon. Russ does have another
interactive site . It is similar to Shining Stars except a star is not
named. Please accept this complimentary SeaPal code during the interim.
Sea Pals has nothing to do with Stars, and I am pissed. Stay away from Russ Berrie!!

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