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November 12, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I agreed to buy a Chevy S-10 with 65,000 miles, knowing it was over priced, but I needed a vehicle. I gave them a $1,500 cash down payment. The weekly payments were high but I thought the vehicle would remain reliable and not need repair so it would be worth it. Within 4 days, the truck started to have issues with fuel and had to go into the RPM garage, 2 weeks later it was finally fixed. One month later, the truck would not shift into gear so they brought it to the RPM garage again for repair. After being in the garage for a week, they let me know the transmission needed replaced and because my 30 day warranty was up, it would cost me $800. The Sales manager didnt care and had the nerve to say "How's your credit" when I was complaining about the repair. I then complained to the service manager who said the best he could do is split it down the middle, what was I to do so I paid the $400. The transmission took about 3 weeks to complete. YES, in 8 weeks of owning this vehicle, it was in the shop for 5 of them (I still had to make the payments) and cost me an extra $400. Two months after the used transmission was installed, the truck would not start. RPM picked it up and brought it back to the garage again. Within a couple of days, the service manager called to tell me, the engine was going to blow and had a cracked head. This meant the "entire motor" would have to be replaced at 67,000 miles. I again went round and round with management and they offered me the same split the cost deal and I refused. After much hell raising, they agreed to replace the motor which took another 3 weeks. Within days of the used motor being installed, it started having more problems like the O2 sensor, valve cover gasket etc. I finally got sick of the countless rides to the hell dealership, tow truck trips, money spent, get nothing for it days and I dropped the truck off at the Dort Hwy lot and said TAKE IT. RPM sold it wholesale for $5,000 and is trying to come after me for the $8,000 balance. I have now filed bankruptcy and will have no obligation to this but I figured the least I could do is save someone else a nightmare. DL

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