Ron Williams PitchOne, Agency Automatic Exploitation and Non-payment of Workers, Fraud, Copyright Infringement New York, New York - Ron Williams

Ron Williams
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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

During my tenure freelancing for the company PitchOne, which changed its name to Agency Automatic - all under the direction of Ron Williams, the company repeatedly used copyrighted work from other companies and agencies and published it as their own work on their portfolio sites. After not getting paid for work, and noticing that other employees and designers were not getting paid either, I quit and was promised prompt payment. Of course they ended up not paying me, nor any other designers, and after doing research, I've noticed that this is their modus operandi - hiring freelance designers as free labor. As a struggling freelancer working with other struggling freelancers there, it was quite descpicable watching someone play with other peoples only source of income. After leaving the "company" all phone calls and emails have been ignored.

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