These guys are right out of a movie with their apathy/ incompetence. unknown, Internet -
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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

ROTFL...LMAO! YEAH, My wife ordered from these clowns for my birthday present...FIRST, they sent order to some unfriendly country, (Durka-Durkistan or something) resulting in an additional, it was more than one charge, and there was a veiled threat there could be more. Wife ordered Three Castles tubes, which never arrived, and instead, about 4 months later, after Rollies' "customer service guy" referring to my wife as "dude" on the phone and stating that "we only see the guy who sells those things to us every so often, but if I see him I will ask if we can get those things(which they had charged us for) that you wanted" SEVERAL TIMES, we received a few boxes of Zen tubes, which are common as dirt and nowhere near as expensive as what we ordered. I honestly believe that they are not under-staffed, but more likely under the influence. Unless you really like being at the tender mercies of someone too stoned to even recognize gender (my wife sounds like teenage girl on phone) and hearing REALLY LAME explanations of why they sent the wrong stuff without even asking if you have something you would accept as a substitute AND having your card in some creepy foriegn country , AND WAITING WAAAAAAAAAYYY past reasonable amount of time for any NON STONED person, then shop elsewhere, cause these guys have made the case against pot legalization for me. I will NEVER vote for any candidate who suggests legalizing dope.

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