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November 19, 2010, Anonymous
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RODNEY D. BAKER born March 5, 1947 is a Career THIEF & CRIMINAL who has GRAND THEFT & FORGERY CHARGES in three states and possibly four.

RODNEY D. BAKER is a white male 5'!!, balding and scars on his forehead, face and other parts of his body. Baker wears a cowboy hat to hide the scars and skin tone faceial scars, has a distinct TEXAS drawl, wears glasses at times to throw people off. BAKER is a THREE STATE CAREER CRIMINAL, and has a " LENGTHY" career record in TEXAS, LOUISIANA, and FLORIDA with the possibility in Georgia which investigators are currently checking out.

ADELINE BAKER, his wife and partner / owner in some of the BOGUS companies created by BAKER has full jknowledge of the goings on with BAKERS clients who have begun to come foward and file complaints of THEFT, INTENT TO DEFRAUD, COLLUSION, of money taken by BAKER for DEPOSITS on various jobs he was hired for but does not Start nor Finish the jobs but takes your money.

RODNEY D. BAKER is by all accounts a THIEF. Our investigations have indicated that on THREE OCCASSIONS - BAKER has obtained contracts ...requested initial deposits and does not START or COMPLETE the jobs. BAKER has been involved withn GRAND THEFT and FORGERY charges in 3 states, and his RAMPANT THEFTS continue in FLOPRIDA.

BAKER resides in a rental home at 1478 ROSE TREE COURT, in CLEARWATER, FLORIDA 33764 with ADELINE BAKER who has had previous and current knowledge of the clients contacting their CELL PHONE numbers at ( 727 ) 657-7114. She has previously BAILED her husband out of JAIL in TEXAS & LOUISIANA and has FULL KNOWLEDGE of the reasons for his ARRESTS consisting of GRAND THEFT & FORGERY CHARGES. To say she has NO KNOWLEDGE of what he has and is currently doing can not in any way hold up in COURT. She is a part of the CONSPIRACY to DEFRAUD , THEFT OF MONEY, and has in fact assisted in deposits of the money at CHASE BANK in CLEARWATER. ADELINE BAKER is under NO WAY innocent of the goings on to date.

Our investigation has uncovered information on THREE incidents in which RODNEY BAKER has taken money from his clients and pocketed the proceeds.

The FIRST theft uncovered was money taken from WAYNE PURDY Sr. of EUROPEAN MOTORS located at 1455 S. Martin Luther King Avenue in Clearwater, Florida 33756. EUROPEAN MOTORS according to our investigation is out some $5,000.00 regarding BAKER and multi named companies such as PSAE, DIAMOND BACK POWER SYSTEMS, DIAMOND BACK SHOP EQUIPMENT, DBS EQUIPMENT, BAKER LOGISTICS, most of which are BOGUS COMPANIES names given to clients ..that are NOT on The Secretary of States List of LEGAL CORPORATIONS.

We know, we have checked it out ourselves. It seems RODNEY BAKER just pulls NEW NAMES out of his head and gives NEW CLIENTS these names so that any background checks on the former companies don't lead back to him. It has been uncovered that RODNEY D. BAKER'S company may not be LICENSED, BONDED OR INSURED.. any problems that may arise may and could wind up costing you the client even more money than you think.. should anything go WRONG.

It was also uncovered that RODNEY BAKER took a $1,000.00 DEPOSIT from another client recently, named GEORGE ZENTZLER and his repair shop, located at 1225 COURT STREET, CLEARWATER, FLORIDA 33750 .. and BAKER has left the owners in a lurch, and stole their money. Sources indicated THE PINELLAS COUNTY SHERERIFF'S OFFICE was called in and a report was in fact filed of the THEFT committed by BAKER. Sources indicate that the owner was told that PINELLAS COUNTY & THE SHERRIFF's DEPARTMENT are in fact conducting numerous investigations in BAKER & his BOGUS companies and THEFTS from various CLIENT COMPLAINTS.

According to sources in PINELLAS COUNTY they are " BUILDING A CRIMINAL CASE" against BAKER as this article is being written. It was noted that BAKER may be currently under investigation by the I.R.S. for income taxes and corporate filings. This could not be 100% confirmed, but the source it came from was related to Pinellas County Investigators, which would lead anyone to believe the facts are sufficient enough to be actual.

In another investigation, sources found a THIRD CASE in which Baker stole some $12,000.00 from a client who he was given equipment to SELL, and pocketed the $12,000.00 Where I come from, that amounts to GRAND THEFT, which BAKER is TOTALLY familiar with , since all his prior ARRESTS were GRAND THEFT & FORGERY CHARGES.

In still another investigation, it was brough to our investigation people that BAKER has had incidents with employees regarding payroll and paying his em,ployees. In still another report, it was determined BAKER refused to pay two employees their pay. According to sources, it was later learned that these employees actually went to the residency of RODNEY BAKER & HIS WIFE at1478 ROSE TREE CT, CLEARWATER, FLORIDA 33764 with a PINELLAS COUNTY SHERIFF.

Sources from PINELLAS COUNTY indicated that BAKER borrowed the money to payoff the employees when they had indicated they were going to THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR that Monday morning and straight over to the INTERNAL REVENUE OFFICE on COLUMBUS CIRCLE / SPRUCE STREET in TAMPA, FLORIDA. BAKER wanted no part of a possible INVESTIGATION and " found the money and paid off the employees ". It leaves one to think, what is he hiding ?

According to sources in PINELLAS COPUNTY, not only is The COUNTY conducting an INVESTIGATION into BAKER ( s ), but that THE I.R.S. may be conducting their own INVESTIGATION as well.

We have also found evedence that RODNEY BAKER is " CURRENTLY " on PROBATION in PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA. We feel if you have a complaint against RODNEY BAKER, you should contact THE PROBATION DEPARTMENT in PINELLAS COUNTY, FL:ORIDA and report your problem to his PROBATIONJ DEPART " and " the JUDGE who sentenced him to PROBATION, as he may be violated by THE COURT & PROBATION DEPARTMENT, and remanded into custody.

If you have any complaints of THEFT, on RODNEY D. BAKER it is suggested you bring a CIVIL LAWSUIT against him and obtain a JUDGMENT. Once you obtain a JUDGMENT you must wait 60 days to bring CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS against him, by facts we found online. It was indicated that the County and State can then... after... 60 days conduct their own investigation and if it is determined a CRIME has in fact been COMMITTED, they may subject that person to an ARREST.

It is to your benefit you write letters to : The Attorney General's OFFICE in Tallahassee Florida regarding the situation you may be faced with. In addition it is recommended you write to the COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY in CLEARWATER, FLORIDA reporting the illegal activity... but... and in addition... contact THE DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL REGULATIONS in TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA to report these ILLEGAL ACTIVITY as well.

The DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL REGULATIONS will in fact determine if a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION is WARRANTED... if ... YOU HAVE ALREADY OBTAINED A CIVIL JUDGMENT against the DEFENDANT ( s ) . In addition if they are operating a BUSINESS without proper documentation, the defendant (s ) can be in SERIOUS TROUBLE with the STATE & FEDERAL authories, and without a DOUBT be investigated.

DO NOT LET RODNEY BAKER get away with the HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE THEFTS, INTENT TO DEFRAUD, with his schemes, and stealing your hard earned money. His wife ADELINE BAKER is NO BETTER. She is and was fully aware of the goings on, and should be facing questioning herself into her part in the conspiracies to DEFRAUD the merchants who trusted them.

The other question is: Does BAKER have INSURANCE ?

Is his company BONDED ?



This reportv will be updated as NEW information is received.

We thank RIPOFFREPORT.COM for posting this report for everyone to read and take notice of. We appreciate all you do for the people who have entrusted you with posting these articles. Thank you


J.Cruz - Investigations

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