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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Being recommended by a couple of other businesses in town, I took my vehicle to get an estimate and hopefully repaired. Left vehicle for 2hrs. and returned to hear immediately that the cheapest it would be is $700 plus parts to replace an EGR tube from exhaust to EGR valve. I was told they might even have to pull the engine at a cost of over $1500. I am a retired 68 yr. old with arthritis but I'm not retarded. I went home and jacked up the vehicle and took a look myself. I took the EGR tube and exhaust manifold fitting off and went to the local dealer and purchased the parts for $100 and installed them myself in a total time of 2-1/2 hrs. I went back and talked to the owner of the repair shop and all he said was good for me and turned his back. Now how can a business owner in good conscience spit out a number like that and go about his business as usual. The really sad part is that he does work on our counties vehicles. Now I know why taxes are what they are. So the end result is $100 in parts and 2-1/2 hrs. labor at $80 per hr. is $300 total, I think a profit of $400 minimum is a little extreme especially in current times. So much for keeping business local. Thank God I'm some what handy, can you imagine how many average people have been taken advantage of over the years.

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