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Robert Jones
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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

About a couple of weeks ago I got a call from a man named Robert Jones and Steven Williams, they had a heavy accent and claimed to be officers. Robert Jones left a voicemail on my phone saying to call him back immediately to resolve the situation of or it will turn into an illegal matter. So, I called him back to find out whats going on and he told me that i owed $695, but whenever I tried to ask him why I owed this money he would constantly cut me off. He gave me the option of resolving the matter in court or to resolve it myself and just pay the money that was owed. I was a little shaken up so i decided to handle the matter outside of court, so he told me to fax over my name, address, debit card number and a copy of my photo id. I had a funny feeling about the situation so I decided not to fax anything over and looked up the telephone number instead. To my relief several other people have gotten the same call from the same guys and said that they were scams. The both of them are still leaving voicemails on my phone telling me to call them back and pay the money or the police will come to my house or workplace to arrest me. Their direct number is 914-205-2436. the number that comes up on the caller id is 052-594-517. Do not send these people any information they are a scam.

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