Robert Banks Son Alber. His 2nd email address is: Credit Report Scam! More Details For $350 Apt. Rental, Internet - Robert Banks

Robert Banks
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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Credit Report Scam! More Details For $350 Apt. Rental (Home/Apartment Rental $350/mo., Sacramento CA). Scammer Robert Banks AKA Son Alber posted an Home/Apartment Rental ad (Header: (ID#2061617437) on 11-15-10 soliciting renters for the home/apartment (The Ad was recently Flagged/Removed). I contacted him several times via his Craigslist Email and his Hotmail Email address at: Robert Banks and Son Alber to request more info and an appointment to view the Home/Apartment. He replied back only twice using two different aliases (Robert Banks and Son Alber). His emails gave me excuses for not listing the Rental Home/Apts. address and even his business/personal contact info.

He instructed me to get a free copy of my Credit Report from Free Credit (Link I clicked on in his email). We'll I did of course on 11/17/10 (thinking that I was dealing with a legitimate Apartment renter) and after I did and emailed and told him. I didn't hear from him again (as Robert Banks that is). He replied to my email by the alias/name of Son Alber, who again instructed me to apply for (another) free copy of my Credit Report from his email link at: to

We'll I didn't click on the link nor did I apply again for the Free Credit Report, but, I did email Son Alber to tell him this, and I haven't heard from him AKA Robert Banks again. He never did give me the address, directions or contact info for his so called $350/mo. Home/Apartment Rental property. Home/Apartment Hunters BEWARE! And, search with Caution! If you are a victim of Robert Banks/Son Alber Please report his Scam and Stop Him from doing this!

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