Rj Wall Organization Breached contract, withheld information, lied, deceptive business practices Atlantic Beach, Florida - Rj Wall Organization

Rj Wall Organization
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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

RJ Wall is an extreme ripoff artist and is still out there under other banners or names doing his dirty deeds. He present me with a simple contract, almost too simple, which he breached with no remorse. His scam is multifaceted, he get's a new victim to partially repay what he owes the prior victim in effort to partially pacify failing to fulfill his contractual agreements. He has been dodging me for about a year now, after taking my money for an unsuitable lease space, bouncing location, loosing access to the property, promising return of deposits and then becoming totally unresponsive.
Constantly claims he's in a meeting and can't get out to property or other locations, ignores request for payment (but has verbally and in writing acknowledged his debt) and will occasionally try to get disrespectful over the phone even though he's ripping you off. His favorites are recording studios, photographers and other entertainment related businesses. He's not shy about subletting you a piece of property in poor shape, promising to get it together and leaving you hanging or stringing you along with empty promises.
Checking public records in Duval County will reveal he's no stranger to litigation for these types of activities so, don't think this is something new because of current economy. Mr. Wall owes me money, has failed to pay, has cost me time and clients by failing to provide the service/goods he was paid for and as a victim of these dishonest practices I have the right to share my experience with anyone who wants to listen and needs to know. He is not gone from the scene either, he is operating a business or in partnership with one at-least. I won't name it as there may be new parties involved not attached to his intentional scamming but, Jacksonville, FL beware he's still here, doing his thing.

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