Richard Glover , Friends @ Family llc boss is mentally ill and is a thief and very abusive plymouth, Minnesota - Richard Glover

Richard Glover
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January 5, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Richard Glover has a wife, that is physically disabled and needs constant care with 2 aides during the day. He is verbally abusive, very racist, women, people of ethnic origin. talks behind other employees back about their personal life. On at least 1 occasion Richard also undressed himself infront of a female emplyee in the kitchen. Richard also could have a sexual harrassment suit on his hands. But Richard isn't worth my time. He also has ocd, manic depressive. Beware!!!

Richard I have seen him change the time on an employees time card. He steals money from the mn medicare, The state of Mn should not be cleaing his stuff, doing his dishes, organizing his belongings... the list goes on. I pay enough in taxes and don't need someone making our taxes go up even higher!!!

If someone has experienced same or simular. I would bewilling to testify on your behalf. Richard is one mentallyill fellow!!!!!

He is even verbally abusive to his wife, name calling, screaming at her, and the poor wife can't speak at all.

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February 17, 2018, mmpieri25
I unfortunately too did work for Richard. I had to suddenly quit due to daycare issues and he now refuses to give me my paycheck! Never again will I respond to a PCA ad on craigslist because of this. That man is insane and will do anything to scew you over!

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