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November 23, 2010, Anonymous
United States

i emailed minga lo about some bull dog puppies. she said they were free all i had to do was pay for thr transport the fee was $300.00 then the transport people email me with all the info and where to send the money so i did the next day they sent me an email saying that they had to have a certin kind of crate the fee $300.00 and the insurance would be $230.00 so i did that payment. the next day i get another email saying that had to give the puppies some shot the cost for the vaccines was $300.00 and the insulin shots would be $300.00 in the same email they said that the puppies had to be license and have a permit coast would be $200.00 for one and $200.00 so i paid that. then the next day they said that the money on the refund check form there insurance place over paid by a $1,000 so i paid that. this all started on monday and here it is wednesday and still no puppies and i am out over $3,000. i wish i could go back to monday and nerver had done this. if there is any one out there that would help me out legaly that would be great. cuz i had to brow a lot of that money and now i don't know how im going to pay it back. for any one who is thinking of buying something on line do your resurch first. make sure it is all legit first.they also sent me some documents and sam's passport pic.the documents that they sent said that a mrs. lomiga tracy was the first owner of the puppies. miga lo had a ad for the puppies that said she lived two hours from me the said that she just movied to alaska and where she was living she couldn't keep her pups. we talked be e-mail and by texted. i also talked to sam by e-mail, texted and by phone. can some one help me out legely?

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