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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Do not go near Residence Club La Jolla in Mazatlan!

While vacationing in Mazatlan, we mistakenly entered into a contract which we soon discovered was a total fraud. We were told at a presentation that La Jolla would purchase a timeshare we owned for enough money to not only purchase their property, but give us a little extra. They also had us sign new credit card authorizations that they would never use, just hold as assurance that we would not back out of the deal. LIES! ALL LIES!

When we got home a week later, bills from Bank of America were waiting for us. We began an ongoing process with them to fight the charges. Our battle continues.

We began the process of gathering information and paperwork to complete the sale of our property to La Jolla. Over several months, they continued to correspond leading us to believe the contract was going forward. When we finally sent them the papers to complete their purchase of our property, they disappeared.

After nine months of misleading information and lies, we filled a complaint with the Mexican government. They have accepted our claim and the first hearing is set for January 2011.

Meanwhile, we have researched Residence Club La Jolla and Compania Hotelera Nadia S.A. de C.V. online and discovered others who have been swindled. Some are fighting back. One actually gained satisfaction after a year of continual pursuit.

So, again, I say DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR Residence Club La Jolla.

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