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November 30, 2010, Anonymous
United States

BEWARE-BEWARE-BEWARE-BEWARE. My wife and I stayed at the RIU SANTA FE in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during the 4th of July weekend of 2010. On July 5, 2010 we decided to both get couples massages in the RENOVA SPA on the grounds of the hotel.

We checked in at the front desk, received our locker keys and proceeded to the locker rooms to change. At the time I was wearing my $10,000 Rolex that my father had left me when he passed away a few years back. I really didn't think much of it since I did have a key to a locker that was secure and safeWRONG!

I changed into my robe and left my watch in the locker. Before I walked away, I checked the locker one more time to make sure that it was locked since that meant so much to me. After the massage, I returned to the locker and realized that it was unlocked with no visible damage to the locker. I immediately went to the front desk to get a manager. She informed me that I had to be mistaken. There were only supposed to be 2 keys that unlocked each locker; one for me and one in the general manager's vault on the property next door.

I knew something was wrong so I tried to open other lockers with my key and discovered that my key unlocked the locker next to mine. The apologies started flowing after I brought this to her attention. She then asked me if I was certain that I was wearing it when I arrived at the spa. I noticed a security camera when we originally arrived so I asked her if it was recording. She told me that it records all day every day and proceeded to back room to check it out. She came back a few minutes later and told me that the camera was down during the time that my wife and I were getting massages!

At this point I am furious because I realize that it was totally an inside job. I gained my composure and made an announcement to everyone explaining the sentimental value of the watch and offered a cash reward of $3,000 to whoever brought it back to me-NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I filed a police report and have followed up with the hotel and spa every few weeks but no one has seen anything.

I was recently informed via email that the insurance company would not reimburse me for the watch and that the spa was not responsible. HOW CONVENIENT!! They couldn't even call me and talk to me over the phone about it! Who knows how many people were involved?

Please do not trust anyone at any of the RENOVA SPA locations or any of the HOTEL RIU properties because if they employ people like this, no one is safe. Who knows how many people that this has happened too?

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