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November 28, 2010, Anonymous
United States

When I started Regency they told me that no class would be over 9 students. My school now has over 107 students during the day time and I am unsure of the amount at night. We do not have room to eat and have repeatedly had to eat outside. We are always short on supplies so we are not allowed to use products on mannequins. Thety are always short on sanitation supplies such as marvicide and paper toowels. THe contract that was signed we the older students began is no longer the standard that we are held to. RUules and amendments to the contracts that we signed have been changed without being signed by students. The new rules require that teachers put your information into the computer whenever you complete something but that rarely happens. With over 100 students and onnly 3 teacherss it hard to keep track therefore we dont not get our stamps put in. We do not have performance floor manager, and our short teachers, we also were without a campus manager for over a month. Many instances we have had one teacher trying to run the classroom and the performance floor.

PERSONALLY:In September of 2010 I was suspended from Regency Beauty Institute but I was never told. I was asent an email from Regency instead of my campus manager telling me. When I contacted Regency at the time they told me that it would not matter. When I continued to press the issue they told me that it was my responsibility to keep up with these appointments. During that time I was at school everyday, doing sttamps and taking clients. I paid the money that was owed yet they still will not give me my hours back and while I was on suspension my attendence dropped. Forward two months five other students and myself walk next door before school starts to grab some breakfast when we come back the educator tells us that we have to be sent home. She sends us to the campus managers office and then comes in 5 minutes later and tells us that we have to leave for the day. When i contacted Regency about this issue they told me that she did not have the authowrity to send us home however they would not give me my hours back not could I come back to school for second session. Once again my attendence drops. The first week of November I recieved a letter that I was occuring charges for Saturday classes that I missed because I work of 100 dollars. That was fine. Two weeks later on the 16th i got a letter saying that I had a tuition balence of $3,059. When I called Regency they told me beause I was going to be terminated and they would not recieve my last bit of finacial aid so I had to pay. They told me that I would be 1.3% off of my goal in order to stay in the program. Which I would more than have if I recieved my hours back. I just want to be able to complete my program and be done with this "institute"

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