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Reg Midgley motors
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November 11, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Purchased a 2005 Ford Supercrew Kingranch top of the line truck for $20 000 dollars that came with 2 full coverage warranties. Returned it within 10days as engine was diagnosed as inoperable and replacement required. Sales lot manager John .. agreed after a week of unnecessary negotiating to replace with new reman longblock and instructed service manager in my presence to order the necessary new parts.. I arrived back at the lot 2days later to find them getting ready to install an engine from a smashed up offroad written off 1 ton truck with a different variation of engine! Threatened litigation at that time for this deceptive practice and breach of warranty and loss of value and intended use if they went through with the install. have been told that another wrecked motor is now on the way with out any service history but of the right variation and that is all I get... quote from John ( " I'm not going to be the one here who takes it up the ass") 23 days now and my truck is sitting out back with the original engine laying on the ground. Have never even received a phone call from them?? Left message for the owner to contact me and nothing? This is UNCONSIONABLE in my books. And trust me..this is the short version!! Reg Midgley Motors ..Home of the used parts warranty!!

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